Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs just for you

Of course “time and unexpected events” are always a possibility, and no one can be guaranteed safety. However, security is very high in Egypt and the political situation in the country is generally stable, and tourists are not made a target. Tourism is at its peak right now and it is better than ever to come and visit. Some of you can be intimidated by the idea of coming to this part of the world because of news reports. However, news exaggerates in their evaluation of certain incidents. In addition to this, there is a big misunderstanding when it comes to distinguishing where a certain event is taking place. For example, most news report mention that the incident happened in “the Middle East”. The Middle East is not one country, and Egypt is mistakenly grouped with it just because it is an Arabic speaking country.  It is often noted by those who visit the country that they feel very very safe. So, the point is: Come have an awesome vacation in Egypt

Yes. If you are one of Jehovah’s witnesses or if you are interested in a Bible tour, please mention that when you contact us. All the tours that we offer will be tailored to link the sights you are visiting with the Bible. For example, we have a Bible tour in the Egyptian museum of antiquities. You don’t want to miss it.

Yes. We are happy to offer 5 virtual Bible tours of Egypt. The main one is “The Bible unearthed in Egypt”. The other 4 are shorter tours that are a breakdown of the main tour. The themes are:

1. They will know my name is Jehovah

2. The father of the lie

3. Flee to Egypt

4. Pharaohs of the Bible

To learn more details and to register for the tours, please visit our page “Virtual Tours”. We are so excited to share this deep and intriguing tour with you. 

The best weather in Egypt is during Spring (March-April) and Fall (September-November). However, Winter is also a great time to visit especially if you want to visit Luxor and Aswan in the South of Egypt. Summer is good if you plan to go to the North Coast beaches of the Mediterranean or the beaches of the Red Sea.

How long you visit is really up to your schedule, and if you’re doing other traveling. You can see the main sights of Cairo and Alexandria in as few as 3-4 days, however we recommend no less than a week. This will give you time for Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. If you wish to travel to other places like Luxor and Aswan, Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh, we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks.

Egypt has one of the best rates for hotel prices given the provided quality of service. You can stay in a 5-star hotel for a very reasonable price compared to other countries. Most of the time, we can provide better rates than that online. Please contact us stating the dates and location of your desired hotel stay. If you prefer an Airbnb, we encourage you to pick an Airbnb in one of these areas in Cairo: Nile Corniche, New Cairo, 5th Settlement, Rehab, Heliopolis, Zamalek and Maadi.

Uber is very readily available in Cairo and Giza, and it’s not too expensive. Taxis are an option as well, however go with one that has a meter in it (White Taxi), or you’ll risk being ripped off. You also have the option of taking the subway, which is quite good. 

For going to Alexandria or the Red Sea on your own, we recommend taking a bus ( 

You can rent a car from any of the world-known car rental agencies, but make sure you have your international driver’s licence. However, we don’t recommend it for most people, because there are no laws when it comes to driving here, and you’d have to get good insurance because it’s very risky to drive here on your own. You’ll see what we mean when you come to visit!

We offer full day packages mostly, in which  pick up/ drop off times are 8:30-4:30. For more details on our tour packages, please check our tours page

The prices will vary according to how many people are going. The bigger the group, the less each person pays individually. Please check our tour packages in our tours page. Note that if you booked directly with us (contact us through WhatsApp/Telegram/Email) and not TripAdvisor, you will receive a 15% discount on all mentioned prices.

Please check our Blog article “Top Ten Things to Bring to Egypt” for more details.

If you are one of Jehovah’s witnesses, please let us know so that we send you a file “Important Reminders”. This file will help you become more aware of some restrictions and how to act in a cautious and discrete way. 

Typically, a day tour is about 8-10 hours. However, if you want to divide a full-day tour activities on 2 days of shorter tours, we can do that for you.

Typically, the Felucca boat ride is between a half hour to one hour. However, you can stay longer if you want (it is very relaxing). You can bring any food or drinks and enjoy them on the boat. It is not bumpy and you won’t suffer any motion sickness because there are no waves.

The Cairo Museum tour is about 2-3 hours, and can be made shorter if you’re not a museum person. The duration of these activities are up to your own preference. Note that the Museum closes at 4:00PM for the exception of Thursday and Sunday when they have evening hour tours for a double priced ticket. If you want to have the evening tour, please let us know.

The tours have been arranged in such a way to get the most bang for your buck. They’ve been organized by a local who knows exactly how much time it takes to get from point A to point B, and how much time is needed realistically once you get there. For that reason, we stick to the packages, and recommend your idea to go on a different day. Please don’t hesitate to ask us on how we can arrange the other sights for you.

Absolutely yes! There are certain spots we have decided to take those visiting that are local, but also leave the least chance of getting sick. We also warn you from drinking tap water, only bottle or filtered water. And as far as trying something very exotic, we leave that to you to do on your own time, as we really don’t want you to get sick! Food is also not included in the package, so bring cash.

Alexandria is about 3 hour drive away, and it’s absolutely worth seeing! You’ll see a touch of Greek influence in the city, and the Mediterranean is really beautiful and fresh. The Alexandrian Library is iconic, as well as seeing the Citadel which is packed full of history, the Roman theatre, and of course getting some tasty seafood!

You can go to visit Luxor and Aswan if you’re staying for more than a week. It’s a 10 hour overnight train ride there, or you have the option of taking a plane. And currently we do not offer packages for going there. However, you can inquire with us if you can get a better deal on accommodation as we might have contacts there.

Yes it is possible. However, for security reasons the government has some restrictions on how and when to do it. Here is what we recommend: Since Mt. Sinai is 6 hour drive away from Cairo, so you need to book a hotel in Sharm El Sheikh for at least 3 nights. From the hotel, book the Mt. Sinai hike. They will take care of everything. Note that it is an overnight hike (around 3 hours) and it gets chilly up there. This way you get to enjoy the hike without burnout and get to taste the resort experience in the beautiful city of Sharm El Sheikh.

The Dead Sea is not in Egypt, it is in Jordan. So if you are in the area for a while maybe you can book a flight to Jordan. It is around $250 roundtrip. But if you are here for just a week, it will be a waste of time.

We use Paypal or Zelle to the following email: , but we also accept cash in USD, Euro or EGP.

We recommend bringing some cash, because many local places with the exception of nice restaurants and hotels only take cash. Please notice that if you are visiting other sights without us, all entry ticket fees must be paid in cash. For 2 people, we recommend bringing around 500 Egyptian pounds per day. We can help you exchange currency when you arrive here.

Basically everyone here expects a tip just for helping you in any way. So try not to give in and tip everyone. Otherwise, you will spend all your money on tipping. In a restaurant, 10-15% is good. 

When you’re touring with us, we handle all the mandatory tipping which is included in the price. However, tips for your tour guide are not included in the price. Although it is not mandatory, it will be much appreciated.

At all sights, photography using your mobile phone is allowed for free. However, if someone wants to bring in a professional camera (SLR) or a digital camera, they need to pay a camera pass. The price varies based on the sight. Please note that this pass is not included in the tour price. The pass can be purchased at each sight.