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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling and tourism have been hit badly. The condition nowadays is similar to the times of King Azariah in 2 Chronicles 15:5 “In those times no one could travel safely, a for there was much unrest among all the inhabitants of the lands.”

We are happy to announce Online Bible Tours for Egypt. The theme of the main tour is “The Bible Unearthed in Egypt”. This tour will show how Egypt has always had an influence on God’s people, how Satan’s first lie is evident, how archaeological findings show the accuracy of Bible events and Bible-based publications, and above all highlighting the issue of the sanctity and vindication of Jehovah’s name. 

These tours are intended to be interactive, fun and faith strengthening. If you are interested, please register now for free and share the news with your friends, families and congregations. It is our pleasure to share these intriguing treasures with you. 

Learn more details about this tour and the other tours we offer from here. 

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Reviews and testimonials

  •   I really enjoyed the full day in Cairo, the tour in the museum was The best because the detailed explanation about the museum pieces. I feel that I learned too... read more


      Karim has a wide knowledge of the subject, it shows his good preparation for the museum tour, he was very illustrative and gave us a lot of interesting information and... read more


      Karim is a great guide. It has a lot of information about the museum, we were going to our time and we visited everything. He took us to... read more

  •   Karim was a great tour guide with an excellent knowledge of Egyptian history, which is great because if you love history, you will love listening to all of the explanations.... read more


      Karim was a great tour guide. He drove us to all of the sights. He has a very good knowledge of Egyptian history and antiquities. He explained everything clearly... read more


      Karim was an excellent guide. His knowledge of history is outstanding. We got to see so many historical sites in a day and yet it felt as if only a... read more

  •   We had a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a seaside city. So much packed into one day! Karim was able to turn what seemed like just a few... read more


      AMAZING! Truly a great experience to be able to see these historical sites. It was history come to life.. The only thing that made it better was having Karim there... read more


      I'm not even sure I need to write this review since there are already so many 5 star reviews, but Karim was amazing! 😁 He has great communication in flawless... read more

  •   I will put it this way: You must be crazy if you don't take the tour with Ramy, Farah or Karim. You feel safe all times. Knowledge of everything. Very... read more


      Thanks to Ramy for this great day, taking us to this Bibliotheque safely. And letting us know about the history of the place and restaurants to try good food. It... read more


      Positive experience. Private tour very comfortable. Ramy shows personal interest in all the people in the group. English very fluently. Highly recommended.

    Julia R
  •   I just arrived this week after a succesful trip to Cairo! My wish to visit the pyramids was so big especially after haven't been able to get all the way... read more


      Today we made a childhood dream come true and it’s all because of Karim. He made me and my husband feel so welcomed and showed us the time of our... read more

    Crail B