A beautiful tool for Personal Study and Bible Research

Our dear friends worldwide, 

We send lots of love and we hope you are fine and well. We wanted to thank you all for your love, kindness, and enthusiasm. Our hearts rejoice when we see how happy you are when you took our tours of Egypt. We work hard to offer high quality, entertaining, and deep Bible themed tours of Egypt. Anyone can tell the history of something, but very few know HOW to tell a story. Many of us have expressed your appreciation for your tours and we thank you for that. 

In return, we would like to offer you a gift; a gift that was given to us and has helped us a lot in our personal study and research for the tours. It is a Chronology Chart for the Promised Seed; starting all the way from Adam down to Jesus Christ. This has been a valuable tool that we cherish. We hope you enjoy it and that it will inspire you for some personal study/family worship projects. 

Disclaimer: This chart was not produced by the Watchtower Society or any legal entity associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization. This chart is not on JW.org, WOL.JW.org, JW Library App, or the Watchtower Library App.