Virtual Bible Tours of Egypt

Virtual Bible Tours of Egypt for Jehovah's Witnesses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling and tourism have been hit badly. The condition nowadays is similar to the times of King Azariah in 2 Chronicles 15:5 “In those times no one could travel safely, for there was much unrest among all the inhabitants of the lands.” 

As Jehovah’s people, we are known to be Bible students. We love our Father Jehovah and we love His word, The Bible. Our Organization has always encouraged us to meditate on the Bible accounts, keeping a “tight grip on the word of God” by asking questions like Who, When, Where, What, Why, and How. (Ph 2:15,16) 

We have been offering live and on-sight Bible tour in Egypt for years. However, given the new circumstance we are happy to bring Egypt to you through our Virtual Bible Tours for Egypt. These tours will continue even after travel restrictions are lifted.

These virtual Bible tours of Egypt will give you a taste of the thrill that comes from meditating on Bible accounts and seeing how historical and archaeological evidence support them. These virtual Bible tours will help you appreciate Bible truths and prophecies, see how Satan is “the father of the lie”, prove to yourself the accuracy of the Bible, and see the importance of vindicating and sanctifying Jehovah’s name. (Ps 83:18)

Egypt is the first of Seven World Powers mentioned in the Bible that would influence God’s people. This land witnessed some of the most awe-inspiring displays of Jehovah God’s power. In Egypt, Jehovah also displayed his love, justice and wisdom in many ways. However, Egypt was also a center for false worship and Satan’s lie were popular and deeply entrenched. 

These tours are intended to be interactive, intriguing, fun and faith strengthening. We would love to have you on our virtual Bible tours. If you are interested, please book one of our donation-based tour now and share the news with your friends, families and congregations. It is our pleasure to share these intriguing treasures with you. We hope that this experience will make you more determined to continue serving The One “living and true God” Jehovah for all eternity.  (1 Ch 29: 11,12)

Tour 1
The Bible Unearthed in Egypt

bible sinai

Tour 2
The Rivalry Begins


Tour 2
They Will Know My Name Is Jehovah

Mount Horeb

Tour 3
The Father Of The Lie


Tour 4
Flee To Egypt


Tour 5
Pharaohs Of The Bible

Egypt Bible tour - Pharaoh of the Exodus

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